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Change is a process that occurs when something is altered physically, socially or emotionally. Over the three texts including the core text "Girl with a pearl Earring" a novel by Tracy Chevalear. The stimulus text "The Door" a poem by Miroslav Holub, and another related text "Users getting younger as death toll doubles" an article by Sonia Milohanic many statements about change are made. Change is inevitable and important to our self-development. A change in perspective comes as a result of education and environment, and change must be pursued and embraced, as it will always have a positive aspect towards it.

The novel portrays change as inevitable. It indicates that when you're put into a new environment you will have no choice but to adapt to your surroundings. Perhaps the most important change is Griet's new appreciation and understanding of art. This occurs when she begins a job at a painter's house that has exceptional artistic skills.

Due to the complexity of Vermeer's artwork, Griet changes from a simple girl to a complicated girl. First person narration allows us to see this change through her language, actions and thoughts. "Like a swan to." Griet employs the poetic technique of a simile to explain members of the household, this is much more sophisticated than the language she uses at the beginning of the novel. This change is also shown through symbolism. Her life takes a turn when she puts on her mistresses pearls and gets painted herself, this implies that art has changed her life.

The novel describes change as an important part of our self-development. When Griet is sent into the work place to provide for her family, she quickly matures into an adult. She must deal with a mixture of positive and negative experiences that allow...