Do you think Alexander deserved the appellation great?give reasons for your answer showing which aspects of his life you have studied.

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To what extent do you believe Alexander deserved the appellation "great"? Give reasons for your answer showing which aspects of his life and accomplishments you have studied.

"Alexander was - the embodiment of imperial ambition."

What determines greatness? What makes one certain individual greater than the next? In my opinion that person to have a special ability. However, for that person to be "great" they must also have the one thing that every great person in history have in common. Determination. The resolve to cultivate their ability, and push themselves further than anyone else until they become the best at what they do. That's exactly what Alexander did, and due to this he looms far above most of the other classical "greats" as a figure of world culture. No Pericles or Caesar made it into the Book of Daniel or the Koran. Alexander's name continues to carry great weight. Greek, Macedonian, even Albanian, nationalists claim him; Indian and Iranian nationalists hate him with equal vigor.

Some Christians believe his conquests prepared the world to receive the Gospel. Some Jews believe he worshipped at the temple in Jerusalem. Some Muslims consider him a prophet.

As the true son of Philip, Alexander was schooled in war by a master of the art. Philip, as thorough in devising a rounded education as he was in planning a military campaign, engaged Aristotle to be the focal governess for Alexander and his highly ranked companions. Arguably the greatest intellect of the age, Aristotle gave Alexander the benefit of his wide range of knowledge, his curiosity and his method of scientific investigation. He also gave him Homer's Iliad to read.

Alexander was surely one of fortune's favourites, a winner in the lottery of life. Son of a very successful soldier, politician and King, Philip II of...