What does the earth-warming-up mean for the winter-sport Industrial Economics this century?

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Every year more than 8.5 million European tourists go on winter sport holidays. Among these individuals, 150,000 will need medical help due to a broken leg or dislocated shoulder after a serious tumble. Of course, these little accidents inherent to this type of activity will be forgotten a little time after the arrival home. Next season these same tourists will be ready to go back again and enjoy the same passionate sport experience. Nevertheless, between these millions of visitors, how many are aware that the winter sports are threatened and might, in the future, not take place anymore. This report is for the objective of a clear explanation of the different problems we will have to face if we don't react immediately. To reach this aim, we will first of all analyse the importance of the winter-sport activity in the economic sector. Afterwards we will examine the observations, the predictions of different scientists, and the consequences of these forecasts.

With regards to all the elements, we will be able to know clearly what the Earth warming-up means for the winter-sport Industrial Economics this century.

If we analyse different relevant figures related to mountain Industry in France, we can first of all notice the 9,150 million spend by the consumers in this economy. This large sum represents one tenth of the whole tourism activity, and one third of this amount comes from the winter-sports activities. The turnover generated by the ski lifts represents (for the past season) 881 million, which shows, in comparison with last year, an increase of 14%. More than 324 million have been invested by the French government and by private contributions to face the huge growth in demand observed in the last five years. Still compared to last season, this amount represents a growth of 13.6%. In...