A Dolls House

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In today's society it is not too uncommon for a married couple to get divorced. Many couples get divorced after years of painful, unhappy marriages where they pretend to be in love because of things such as children and other possessions. Over 100 years ago, in the time of Torvald and Nora Helmer, it was very uncommon for a couple to get divorced. Women were not able to speak their opinion in the same way as they do today. Nora Helmer lived an unhappy marriage for years just because she thought that she was happy. One of Nora's actions caused her to realize how her husband, Torvald, really felt about her.

Nora Helmer loved her husband dearly and when he was sick and dying she did everything in her power to get twelve hundred dollars to have a life saving operation for him. Torvald was extremely against loans and debts, but Nora had no other way of getting the money.

She figured out a plan that would save Torvald's life and keep him from finding out that she took out a loan. Her father had recently passed away and she told Torvald that she inherited enough money to help her husband. Since a woman was not allowed to take out a loan on her own, she forged her husband's name next to hers on the IOU. The loan came from a man named Nils Krogstad, and this event caused many problems in the Helmer household that Nora does her best to hide. But there are many effects that branch off of this event.

Nora has always lived a life that was under Torvald's orders, but now she also had to hide the fact that the money that she got to save his life came from a loan. She also...