Domestic disturbance

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Props- 3 Black boxes

A teddy bear on the smallest box

3 plates with faces on them

White sheet

Signs - Police sign








-Home sweet home

-9 Years later

Setting - The stage is divided into to sections a rope divides the Police station from the home. At the start of the rope facing the audience is a sign pointing to two directions one side sys "Law" the other says "home" and they point in the correct direction. On the police side of the stage is a black box with a star on it this is to represent the law. On the home side of the stage are three black boxes, two large and one small. On the boxes are plates or pieces of paper with faces on them on the back are the words man, women or child. Behind the two boxes is a large white fence with light shone from the back of the sheet.

The man and women are played by real people but the child is just a teddy bear on a small black box. When he speaks it is through voice over. Song playing in background is U2 it's a beautiful day.

VO - The subject was found hanging in the garage, there was a small piece of rope tied around her neck the other was strapped around a pipe on the roof. As there were no witnesses the death was classed as suspicious. Upon close investigation into the circumstances a series of domestic violence reports were found. The investigation conditioned...

Cop-Scene 1 - (phone rings)

VO Cop- Yeah I remember that call it happened in the morning.......

Cop - Hello, your call is important hold the line.....

(Cop is reading a book; he looks at his...