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Dorothy Day and Her Controversial Views Dorothy Day was a very compassionate women. She has made many contributions to our society though she could be considered a socialist and a pacifist. Her views on Christianity were to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." According to Day, as Christians and children of God, we should all be called to treat the poor as one of us, even though they might not deserve what they get. Many people feel that the poor are that way only because they choose it for themselves, through alcohol abuse or drug addiction. However, Day says that we all are children of God and we should all get the same necessities of life no matter where we stand financially. We should welcome the homeless into our homes and have "Christ Rooms" for them. But, why would people let a homeless person into their homes when they don't know if these indigents are murders, stealers, liars, etc.?

Many people ask themselves that same question, and therefore don't go along with Day's views.

There are some misconceptions about poverty. Some look at poverty as the result of broken homes, generally when there is no father figure. Also, bad habits or laziness as well as lack of cooperation and cohesiveness in the community could attribute to poverty. A hippie misconception is that poverty is an idyllic retreat from the hastles of life. Homelessness can actually be the result of a disaster, such as a flood, fire or earthquake or even the loss of a job.

Another question we ask ourselves is "Should we give into the poor, such as money to the homeless on the street, when all they are going to do is probably buy alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or something of no good use?" We work for a...