Downloading Free Music from the Internet

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Today, one of the most controversial discussion is downloading free music from the Internet. Ever since the Internet got hot from mid 1990s, online music has following the hot wave of the internet. From the earlier au format to the most frequent use format real audio, online music has not cost any problem until the the introduce of the mp3 format. Mp3 stands for MPEG 1 audio layer 3, and is a technique designed to compress bulky files of digitized music to facilitate ease of download and storage for bandwidth and disk space-starved music fans. Unlike its precursors, like RealAudio, MP# compression technology allows one to quickly download near-CD quality digitized sound recordings and to store them using minimal disk space. This presents the threat of users being able to compile enormous libraries of pirated songs and store them indefinitely, using only a small fraction of their hard drives.

The files can also be easily attached to an email and sent to any number of friends or uploaded to other web sites. While many of people are enjoying the happiness from this new technology, some people critize that it hurts music industrial and compare the music downloaders as shoplifters.

Is music downloaders a theft? I personably don't think a music downloader should be consider as theft. A shoplifter makes the store losing money directly and without any controversial good effect. While downloading music from the Internet has no direct impact to the music stores. Besides that, free online music makes more access to more people around the world, and so will makes the artists become more popular. I think downloading music from the Internet can only be consider as a person who use the product that was stolen from a store. It's not appropriated to compare a online music...