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Matilda the musical


A musical play is an adaptation of an original script using music, songs and choreography, together with spoken dialogue and acting. Matilda the musical is based on the children's novel written by Roald Dahl. The musical was written by Dennis Kelly and co-authored by Tim Minchin who composed the music and the lyrics.

Matilda the musical is about an extraordinary young girl called Matilda, who tremendously love reading books while tries in her own way to overcome the hostilities and differences between herself and her family in addition to helping her friends too.

The performance review

Matilda the musical was observed live with some of my classmates during our drama trip to London, United Kingdom. It was observed on October 7th 2014, in the Cambridge Theater part of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Cambridge theatre is a west-end theatre that was built in 1920-30's, which makes an attraction point for tourists, and known the highest performances.

Performance area/staging

Matilda was played on a proscenium arch stage. Whereas the audience seats were arranged in an inclined position starting from the level of the stage and raising up. The reason the seats-floor is inclined is because its wanted to makes sure everyone can see the production with out being blocked by the person who is in front of them.

The performances of the actors used was incredible, there wasn't any scene where there was a pause or an actor wasn't acting, even if the actor didn't have a line they would still be in their character. For example when Matilda was explaining to Mrs. Trunchball, that her friend had a disorder and that he had been there for an hour, the children's just looked at her shocked until Matilda repeated her line again. None of them were out of...