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To own a business was and still is a childhood dream that I wanted to pursue. I always wanted to be a CEO of a huge corporation. I figured that if I were going to work, I would rather make money for myself than to make it for someone else. When you're making money for yourself you tend to love the job more than if you are working for someone else.

By having my father as a role model, I was taught that a good man is one who can support his family, not only financially but also mentally. My father sets the perfect example of what being a man is. I learn from him through his actions and his teachings, that in order to be a man, I would have to assume responsibility and be able to support my family some day. Though tired and worn out, my father would work six days a week and 18 hours a day just to keep a roof over our head.

Though my fathers choice of work differs from my own, we have the same outlook on what being a man is. The difference between my father and I is that I do not want to work long days and hours, because even though you may be making good money, your family suffers from lack of time spent together and much less time being seen.

Owning my own business would allow me to make a substantial amount of money in more than half of the time that my father did. I've learned that if I want to own a corporation I would need an Article of Incorporation. This document describes the organization; it's power and authority. Without this document I can't be classified as a corporation.

Throughout my childhood and early adult...