Dreams, My Epiphany by: Felix De Portu

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More often than not, dreams appeal to your feelings, fears, and emotions, sometimes providing you a more than clear view of what the future will be like. The world could be falling apart all around you, and you could still be in control, and as we learn to interpret and analyze dreams, we come to understand that they are indeed much more than random images inside your head.

One of such dreams occurred not so long ago, and it was indeed most revealing. As I slowly fell deeper and deeper into slumber, images faded in. As usual with most dreams, you rarely remember the beginning, for reasons not to be mentioned to avoid getting side-tracked, and this was no exception. I can only recall images fading in slowly and seeing an eerily familiar restaurant, the environment slowly settling to a halt.

It is hard to describe a dream in which there is movement yet what you see is actually still images that can take a life of their own.

Time moved slowly and it felt as if I was watching a movie on a large white screen. The silent events began to take place.

The camera, for lack of a better term, moved slowly through the movie-esque angles, showing a pleasant scene of a dinner between two good friends. It was clear that there was a deep connection between them, but it was hard to tell what it was, exactly. The absence of sound made the scene heavenly in essence, contrasted by the surrounding atmosphere.

The two friends simply sat and ate and chatted and enjoyed a most awkward evening. Not awkward because of their conversation, but because of the environment surrounding them. An ever-present chaos encompassed them and yet they remained oblivious to it. They indeed...