Drinking and Driving *CAN BE* prevented.

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Drinking And Driving Can Be Prevented!

Drinking and driving is a major problem that is plaguing the United States today. So severer, in fact, that about 20% of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash sometime in their lifetime. Change is needed, or the cost will be hundreds of thousands of more American lives. A solution to this problem is to confiscate the driver's license of a person convicted of a "drinking under the influence," and have their license replaced with a "restricted license." Simply revoking the license does not work; it will not deter people from driving. A restricted license will tell stores and restaurants the person is not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol, while allowing the person to continue to drive without driving on a revoked license. A restricted license attacks the problem of allowing convicted DUI offenders to obtain alcohol, but still allowing them to continue their lives with their car.

Many people are convicted of DUI offenses each year with penalties that include jail time or the removal of the driver's license. However, it is very hard to prevent people from driving without a license. With the exception of major cities it is nearly impossible; people need to get to work, school and other events in just about every person's life. With this new system, you are still subject to the penalties required my law; however, with the exception of the removal of the driver's license. When the person has done their time and/or paid their fines, they will have their old license revoked and be issued a "restricted license," which tells everyone that sees it that the person is not to be served or sold alcoholic beverages.

Many penalties include the loss of a driver's license for someone convicted of a...