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Lauren Bird

Mrs. Jackson

9th Lit/Comp Honors 5

14 March 2014

Recreational Drug Use in the NBA

Recent studies show the affects that drugs have on NBA player's bodies. Players in the league that have taken or take drugs know how drugs affect their lives and performances better than anyone else. NBA and law regulations have a colossal impact on the consequences of NBA players. Players can get kicked out of the league or thrown in jail. Using recreational drugs is like inviting the devil into a players life. Everything starts to fall away piece by piece. Illegal recreational drugs affect NBA players' performances and more importantly their entire life.

Recent studies show the affects that drugs have on NBA players. Anyone can die within seconds of ingesting the chemicals of marijuana and other recreational drugs. A coroner says an Anderson University basketball player died after ingesting a chemical used in synthetic marijuana, (WLTX).

The study that the Coroner conducted reveals the true effects of marijuana on the human body, mostly consisting of brain development issues. From ingesting the terrible chemicals in the drugs, players can die instantly, and acquire serious health issues. Basketball players who take drugs could develop addiction. All drugs are potentially harmful and may have life-threatening consequences associated with their use. ("Illegal Drugs"). Basketball players could acquire serious addiction problems and health problems if they use drugs. It could potentially ruin and negatively impact their whole lives and careers. Substance abuse can lead to destruction of the human body and loss of productivity. Michael Beasley explains his run in with marijuana and the law. "I realize 10 minutes of feeling good is not really worth putting my life and my career and my legacy in jeopardy," Beasley said, according to the...