Dying Love

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DYING LOVE Cold, dark, scared alone. Tired of hiding, of running of living in fear. I hear screams of pain cries for help, I'm helpless. People are dying and I can hear there screams as they are taken form this world, it's awful. Peering through a small crack in the roof were I am hiding. I see a violent man with long black scruffy hair and a long beard. This killer has blood all over his animal fur coat; the blood appears to be not his. The leader of the group screams with a loud voice to all that can hear him, "Death will come to you all". With these words he mounts his horse and leads his man away, to perhaps continue his rampage and destroy human lives.

Hours later I finally decided to come out of hiding and see how much damage had been done. I approached the lounge room and all most collapsed.

Blood every where. The walls the floor the roof all where covered by blood. My stomach started to turn and then bleeoooough I throe up! I took a few minuets to calm down. Eventually I came to my sensors. I soon found the courage and strength to go look for my father. Without him I knew I could not live, for he is all I have after my mum was killed last month. I thought I should search the entire house. First I looked in the basement to only find dead bloody rats. Rats made me fell sick how could I handle finding a dead body. Oh well I could not give up my search.

Shaking all over and extremely scared scared as I entered every room. But in every room I found nothing but blood more blood. Tears streaming down my face I felt like I could not take this any more. My legs began to shake moving out of control. Splat I fell to the cold floor in a heap and curled up in a little ball and cried, oh how I cried. I must have laid like this for hours. Looking around the room my eyes were caught by a photograph of my dad. I suddenly had a burst of energy I was running all over screaming out to any one who could possibly hear me. All day I searched and found nothing.

The sun went down and night was here. I was all alone and scared. I began to cry again I was a wreck. Falling asleep outside on the grass, awaking early in the morning with the sun pouring down on me a new day had dawned. Still shacking but not because of fear I was starving. I had not eaten for a whole day. I found some eggs and cereal in the kitchen and ate them both. Feeling much better after eating I now had some energy to get through the day.

I began searching from where I had left of the day before, which was the back yard. Still finding now signs of dad anywhere. Wondering how much longer I could search for him for. I knew I could not handle another night alone. The morning went fast and still no sign of any one. Before I knew it, it was late in the afternoon. Still now sign of dad. Then I remembered the barn oh how could I forget the barn. Racing over to the barn hopeful to find dad alive, I tripped and fell splat on the hard dirty ground. There was no time for crying now. I jumped to my feet and continued running to wards the barn. My legs were aching by the time I reached the barn it took my twenty minutes to reach the barn. I entered the barn and found a pool of blood on the dirt ground. Dad was dead in the middle of it. I froze as I took a closer look dad was only half there. He was missing the lower part of his body, I found it on the other side of the room. I ran to his side and lifted his head, the look of pain on his face al most killed me. His head had been torn from his body why why why!! Who had done this to my loving dad and why! I felt horrible, scared and alone trembling with fear and disbelieve. My life had to end I could not live without my dad. I would rather die then live alone. To die would mean I might be reunited with my family. I slowly pulled the bloody knife from my father's neck. Hugged him tight and gave him a kiss. Staring, gazing, crying, at the knife and then at my dad. "Yes I must die too" and with those word I pierced the blood stained knife into my wounded heart.