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Banking Industry Web Site Analysis

Nick Andre, Antoine Cameron, Jackiya Ford, Jacob Gamboa

University of Phoenix


Kristine Cataldo

March 30, 2009



Banking Industry Web Site Analysis

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning" (Henry Ford). Paging through the archives of America, there is not a great deal of positive influences in the banking industry and although trusted with the billions of dollars in America, most people feel a sense of loss any time he or she deposit their paychecks.

In recent decades Banking has taken a turn towards E-business and banking online to insure the ease of customer access to accounts and loans. This has proved to be very lucrative to most businesses in the banking industry but with the recent economic downturns across the globe, being easy to do business with has reached another level and the banks that are easy to do business with will survive.

The three banks outlined here are major banks with large investments in E-business, they offer all the amenities a bank would and will be compared for differences in customer service and marketability.

The Washington National Building Loan an Investment Association started in 1889 in Seattle Washington spurred on by a difficult situation and newly created amortized home loans.(WAMU [WAMU 2009 ], n.d.) Today Washington Mutual (WAMU) History, corporate policies and a great deal of other important topics are found in about WAMU in their corporate and consumer website. The Website is very simple to navigate offering interactive links to all products and services. Links to corporate governance, contacts and locations are...