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When you think of life changing experiences, you can think of having a near death incident, becoming a parent, becoming a believer or something in those areas. Well in my short life, I haven't really had a life changing experience. But the most recent experience that had an impact in my life was getting my Eagle Scout rank. Through planning, hard work and a little luck, I was able to earn the highest award in the Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout.

Before Eagle, you need to start at the beginning, earning the Joiner badge, then moving on up to First Class and later on to Life. Now getting up to this point for me was easy in some parts and hard in others, but up till now every thing before was child's play because you had parents and adult leaders to help you do a requirement or find a counselor for a merit badge.

But now your on you're own and have to find a service project, set it up and some how pull it off so that you can pass it off and get your Eagle book together and earn that rank of Eagle.

Well I started out finding my project by calling Whittier Parks Department and seeing if they needed anything that I could do for them. What they could find was a big erosion clean up and prevention project, and I don't mean talking to kids about erosion, I mean getting down digging out the side of a hill, and installing 8x8 railroad ties and 10" pipe under the trail before rains come and wash the whole thing away. So after find the project, I had to find materials, tools, and people to help. Luckily, the Parks Department had the railroad ties and some of the tools,