The Early Struggle of post- WWI Germany.

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The Weimar republic is established in the year 1919 after Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated. Ever since the beginning people don't like it and wanted it reformed. The three main problems that cause the Weimar Republic to fail were because of Ineffective Constitution, Right-wing terrorism, and the hyper inflation and invasion in 1923.

One of the main problems that the Weimar Republic has to face is that their constitution isn't effective. They did not create a strong government since the beginning. In their constitution there is an article, called article 48. This article makes the constitution ineffective because this article states that the president gets sole power, powers like the Kaiser would have, in cases of emergency. This made the constitution ineffective is because the president uses this power too often. This article makes the rest of the constitution almost pointless. There is a system in the Weimar Republic called the system of proportional voting.

Because of this system there were 28 parties, which made it impossible to establish any majority in the Reichstag, which also causes frequent changes in the government. Between the times of 1919 to 193, there were 20 separate coalition governments and the longest one only last for two years! The politics of Germany became chaotic which caused many to lose faith in the new democratic system that's introduced to Germany. The constitution was ineffective because no one listened to the government. The states have too much power, which cause them to ignore the government. The army was not fully under the government's control, because it is led by the right-wing General Hans von Seeckt. The German army had failed to help the government during the Kapp Putsch and the invasion crisis of 1923. Another thing that makes the constitution ineffective is that most of the government...