Earth Island

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Earth Island Essay Assignment

A life raft, boat, and Earth have many intricate similarities which can be described by the overarching theme of being a smaller part of something larger. Due to this position, each of these conglomerations of matter serve a vital role in providing a distinctive place unlike any other in the vast environment around each of these, and because of the rarity of these pieces of matter which entail properties which many other surrounding uniform pieces of matter do not offer; the utility and the meaning of these three "things" share a sort of significance. One of the crucial similarities is that all of these things share are that of providing some sort of refuge or safety amongst a large pool of mass which entails uncertainty and propensity due to its sheer size. Given the examples in the prompt, a life raft would provide temporary refuge and safety to previous people stranded at sea (which is shown as the larger, unpredictable aspect) or that of escaping from a boat which is capsizing.

The latter turned towards a dangerous state, thus leaving the role that the current life raft and moving toward the entropic mystery and treacherous quality like the body of ocean that it is in. An island of medium size shows the elements of not being overbearing due to its size but also that of being large enough to support some sort of existence of life since it has the resources to temporarily sustain that sort of life despite any sort of desolation. The planet Earth is shown as a pinnacle of the certainty of life in a vast universe of dust, stars, meteors, and other hidden and unknown matters to which humans slowly recognize, like dark matter, black...