Eat Sleep DREAM

Essay by MeganL December 2014

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Eat, Sleep, DREAM

Written by Megan Loong

Ever had a dream? Have you ever thought about something big that you want to pursue? Well, you are thinking about what is called a dream. You are looking into your imagination and picking out something so exciting, that you just have to do it. Some people may laugh at some of the dreams you have. You don't have to worry though. If your dreams are so big and crazy, then you are dreaming BIG. Your dreams are so big and crazy that they excite you. They excite you so much that you cannot wait to go out there and get started.

Dreams are what help you to think big. You start to see the bigger picture. You notice the opportunities of long lasting memories of accomplishment. Imagine that feeling of living out your dreams. Imagine that feeling of even pursuing those crazy dreams that you have.

It can be something as simple as a round trip vacation or as big as going skydiving. Now imagine what it feels like to have that accomplishment of a dream in your mind. It can be one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Some of my dreams that I am really excited about can range from the simplest ones to the craziest ones. These dreams include a round trip to Europe, rescuing dogs and cats, owning every collection of The Simpsons, owning every collection of Family Guy, traveling to every continent in the world and meeting my favourite celebrities in person. My crazier dreams include building a secret music room, going bungee jumping, building my own frappuccino machine at work, owning a blimp that has my name on it, owning a huge walk in closet and many more.

Don't be discouraged if...