Eating Disorder

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Eating disorders have become a common issue in today's world. This epidemic seems to have a greater affect on women than men. More and more women in their 20's through 40's are developing eating disorders. Women of all ages vary in the way they develop their eating disorder, but many women with an eating disorder may suffer from the same symptoms of low self-esteem, unworthiness, they hate themselves and the only way to be happy is to achieve their hour glass figure.

There are many reasons as to why women fall under the spell. Societies play a big role in contributing to many women's eating disorders. We are living in a chaotic world where everything is fast pace. We are under constant stress and sometimes it can get out of control so we turn to the only thing we feel like we can control, and that is our weight.

One of the biggest factors to blame is the media. Everything we see, whether it is on TV or a cover-page of a magazine, there is always a beautiful and thin supermodel on it. Especially commercials and magazines for women, they portray this unrealistic image that all women should look a like a Victoria's Secret model. Also one of the problems is that we as a consumer are attracted to beautiful thing. We are living in a world where personal qualities are overlooked by beauty. It's no wonder women are brainwash to believe that in order for them to be happy they must look like one of those girls on the magazine or on TV.

Eating disorders are more associated with females than males. Society tends to overlook eating disorders in males because everything through the media portrays an ideal image for women to be thin and...