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Abstract:The concept of this case study is to analyze and describe the basic operations and patterns of ebusiness in Dell. By means of directly analyzing the website, the ebusiness model and the ebusiness architectures of Dell Company, relevant information was selected, collected and analyzed in this report. Firstly, this paper states the High Level Business Description about Dell's business model in first section. Then, this report analyses the business patterns using the Solution Overview Diagram (SOD). After that, it will illustrate commentary about the SOD. Finally, In order to identify and document the appropriate business patterns, the study used many diagrams of the ebusiness patterns to describe those of Dell.

Table of Content:1. Introduction42.The Case Study -Dell company52.1 High level business description:52.2 Solution Overview Diagram:62.3 Commentary:73. Identify the Business Patterns94. Reference…………….……………………………………………111. IntroductionThe company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, now the computer industry's longest-tenured chief executive officer, on a simple concept: that by selling personal computer systems directly to customers, Dell could best understand their needs, and provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs.

Today, Dell is enhancing and broadening the fundamental competitive advantages of the direct model by increasingly applying the efficiencies of the Internet to its entire business. The company designs and customizes products and services to the requirements of the organizations and individuals purchasing them, and sells an extensive selection of peripheral hardware and computing software. Nearly two-thirds of Dell's sales are to large corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. Dell also serves medium and small businesses and home-PC users.

This report will relate to the High Level Business Descriptions (HLBD), Solution Overview Diagrams (SOD) and commentary, and then document Business Patterns that according to the HLBD/SOD.

2.1High level business description:Dell computer Company provides a Direct Business Model, which consists of...