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Internet has made life simple for individual persons. Most people doing business online and it was more easy and convenient for them. At first the internet was only used for communication purposes, sending out information and gathering information. And now Internet was used to promote a business, one of these is online buying. Online consumers seek new products, new attractiveness and the most important is the price compatibility with their budget. Consumers can make their opinions and experiences about products available on the internet (Dellarocas, 2003). And online shopping is a kind of market that allows consumers to directly buy goods or stuffs from the seller through the use of internet. Without leaving your houses and you can shop all the stuffs you like in just one sitting. It is new way of marketing that is more convenient and easier.

Many researches had been conducted to maintain it on the trend.

Many factors are to be considered that affects online shopping. Among these factors consumer behavior has the biggest impact and it will be the focus of this study, since consumers are the main reason why online shopping continues to operate. Different types of people participate on this kind of market. Men, women, young or old, everyone can access this through the internet. But unlike in traditional market, consumers here are more knowledgeable and more prudent.

There are 3 things that directly the behavior of the consumers. These are education, risks and convenience. According to the study of Capon and Burke, 1980 people in this market use more information for their decision making while in traditional market they only use fewer information, this explains that education is really important in the behavior of the consumer. Also, risks affect them because consumers are more often motivated...