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Leslie Alvarez

Ms. Laurel

Eng. 200 P28

11, December, 2012

Economic Crisis

To begin, I will like to share my opinions. I am not politically inclined but, since becoming a freshman in college I have dedicated more time to get involved in the big picture. By this I mean I try my best to be informed in the economic situation of the United States. I believed that our situation first began under the reign of George W. Bush his ideals were to "make the rich richer and the poor poorer." Following the tax cuts we began to see companies lying of their employees because corporations were being forced to close. Also the people laid off started to lose their homes, faced foreclosure of their properties. The United States also faced the rise in the cost of living.

George Bush's idea was to take over the oil/gas industry by sending unnecessary U.S.

armed men and women to fight his battle. Furthermore, under his reign we saw tremendous increases of job losses due to his decision in cutting the taxes for the richer. Bush created a somewhat inequality in taxes making the cliché helping the "rich get richer and the poor getting poorer". It has being an attribute to the fact of him sending more tax money to Washington. This caused small companies to close living them with a tremendous amount of debt.

Secondly, the U.S. began to face further economic struggles when millions of people rely on government help. The first type of government assistance that was hit by the millions of people asking for help was the food stamp program. The government further faced economic distress by the high increase of people seeking benefits. This caused unforeseen financial gap in distribution of money set aside for other needs. In...