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The film, Ecotoons, was basically about the environmental problems that we are facing today. It was presented in cartoons so that it would be clearly understood and would be a fun film to watch. They had made this film for us to be aware about the environmental issues that matter most today, and the only issues that may matter tomorrow. To be aware is not enough but it's the first step to find out solutions and to be one with the earth.

Ecotoons enumerated the environmental problems by comparing it figuratively. The situations may not happen literally but it's showing the main cause and effect. Basically all the problems presented were all starting from man. Man is the root cause of all this problems and they're the ones who also suffer after. The film presented the environmental problems in our daily lives which he used cartoons so that we could use the thinking level of a child.

In that way, it became entertaining too.

I liked the idea of expressing it into cartoons because in cartoons, no matter how young or old you are, we still get entertained in some way. The simpler it is presented, the higher possibility that it would be understood. If they used a lecturing method for the film, a lot of people will get bored and the higher chances of not wanting to understand it. Especially students nowadays are expecting to be taught in other kinds of teaching methods. Film-viewing is basically one effective method. The fact that the film was cartoons, it was more interesting. In short terms, we enjoyed while we were taught.

The topics in the film were basically showing the cause and effect of environmental problems but what it didn't show was the things that the government, the organizations and the individuals were doing to help minimize or prevent this kind of environmental problems from going on. I ask myself what the people are doing right now to solve these issues. Are they throwing out efforts to save the environment? Do they take time to come up with solutions and projects in order to solve the problems we are facing now? Is the government implementing laws to such issues to practice concern for the environment? What are their plans to reduce the increasing population rate? Are the organizations really helping out? What are their projects? How does it help solve these environmental problems? Questions like these aroused after I watched the film. But these questions made me thirsty for knowing how to preserve the environment. It made me more concerned. And I learned how to become nature-friendlier.

If I were the maker of the film, I would have presented it the same cartoon way. I really liked that strategy. But I would add more to it by introducing ways how we can preserve the environment not only by the 3 R's (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle). I would show solutions to reduce the increasing population rate because I believe that if all problems start from man, then we must control the number of children allowed. There must be a quota or some sort of proof that he would be able to get his basic needs. We must be more aware for the future and not only for ourselves. Greed is one of the biggest reasons why man doesn't care for the environment.

This film is a wonderful start for those innocent and for those acting innocent about the environmental problems we are facing. I really feel that when people watch these kinds of film, deep inside they will be affected and some part of their conscience will spark. They will always have a picture of this saying, "whatever I do to the earth, the earth will do to me".