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In this day and age, to enjoy themselves at parties and nightclubs, teenagers take drugs, which are fittingly called club, or rave drugs. These drugs usually can only be found at clubs because they are made in secret, illegal labs. One of the headliners of this "fad" is ecstasy. The scientific name of this drug is methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).

There is no real medical use of ecstasy. Its main use is for intoxication. Ecstasy is thought to produce an overall sense of happiness and well being by affecting the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. It may also cause increased awareness of the senses, hallucinations, increased energy and loss of judgment.

However, there are also a myriad number of serious side effects that could possibly come with taking this drug. Consumption of MDMA could result in muscle tension, teeth clenching, impaired learning and memory, nausea, chills, rapid/irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart attack, brain damage and death.

Research by Dutch scientists also show that female heavy ecstasy users, when compared with light users, ex-users, and nonusers of either sex, had significant changes and reductions in the brain cells that transport serotonin. Talk about taking the "good" in with the bad. These risks could be reduced with successful recognition and treatment.

Ecstasy almost always comes in the pill form. Due to this, it seems more innocuous, or harmless, than other "recreational" drugs. It may also be crushed into a powder and snorted. I do not believe that there is any specific quantity of this drug to take. That makes it very easy to have an overdose since there is no dose.

This popular "recreational" drug is mostly used at clubs and parties to get, as it is called today, "high." There have also been cases of people taking this drug for...