Ecstasy has had many immediate effect, long term effect, symptoms, and different names.

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Drugs have been increasing rapidly through the years all over the world. Everyday more and more drugs are coming out for people to use. These drugs are not the drugs a person can get over the counter. They are illegal and not suppose to be sold at all. Instead people break the law everyday and either use or sell these types of drugs. Most of these drugs can kill a person but many still don't seem to care. An example of one of these drugs is named Ecstasy. This drug has many immediate effect, long term effect, symptoms, and different names.

Since Ecstasy helps speed up the functions of the central nervous system it is classified as a stimulant. It is also able to cause hallucinations so it is classified as a hallucinogen. Another class it is known, as is a designer drug. A designer drug is when a drug is assembled by changing the molecular structure of an already existing drug or drugs and then creates a new drug.

These new drugs are more dangerous and more powerful than its original drugs. These designer drugs are chemically changed so that they are technically legal. Ecstasy is derived from methamphetamine and amphetamine. Methamphetamine causes degeneration of neurons that contain the neurotransmitter dopamine. Scientists predict that with aging and exposure to toxic agents people will start to see the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

This drug can be used in many different ways. The most common way to take Ecstasy is as a capsule or through a pill. This pill is in many different colors and sizes to make it look more appealing for people to use. They make it look like it is full of life and energy. The drug is also found in a powder form, snorted or even injected.