Educating Rita

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Essay- Educating Rita- Going Home

"Venturing on a different path requires negotiation between sacrifice and opportunity." The catalyst for a move into the new world can be facilitated if the individual has a vision or goal of what they can achieve or be in the new world. However this transition into the new world can have both positive opportunities arise and negative consequences. As there is a requirement to the sacrifices we develop. These consequences are seen in the Novel 'Educating Rita' by Willy Russel. We also witness these consequences of moving into a new world in the text 'Going Home' by Archie Weller. In the novel Educating Rita we understand that the main character Rita wants to move out of her old uneducated world, as she sees it as a negative and shallow world. This is witnessed when Rita says "there's vandalism and violence and houses burnt out and wreaked by the people they were built for" Rita feels that there is something wrong with this old world.

She feels limited because she has no choice. Rita believes that an education will offer her freedom and success, assuming that educated classes have total freedom. Rita fails to understand that upper class people also have rules and limitations. We see this perception of the new world when Rita says to Frank "what's it like to be free?" Rita is aware that she must make sacrifices in order to achieve her goals of moving out of the old world but believes it will all be positive sacrifices. Where as Frank, Rita's mentor to get her out of the old world, is trying to inform Rita that it won't be all positive sacrifices and opportunities, Frank brings Rita back down to reality. When Rita is informing Frank that she wishes...