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Education is a populr topic thoughtout the world. Many of parents spend millions of dollors in order to give their children better education. Why the education is so important? Parents usually think that good education will change a person's whole life, regardless of the person's behavior or thought. An university, as the most important higher educational instituate, is a dream place for all students to study and grow up. So all the students, parents, and governments focuse on the quality of universities in order to make their future generation qualified for their careers. For more that, most of schools focused on technology to help students study.Using the advanced technologies, the system of university education is more powerful to create an effective, safety and professional environment.

The technology of internet make the university education effective and convenient. From the internate, we can search any information in a few minutes and we can use computer to do our works on the computer in everywhere.

There are two strong examples, the first one is the online courses, which is a website that you can take the courses offered by professors ,do your homeworks and check any information about your student processing, is uesd widely among many famous universities. The online courses satisfy every kind of students' demand. Because of the diversity of the students, they always need the courses processed in different speed. Some one is really good at math or chemistry can accelerate those two subjects learning speed or enter in the deeper courses, and if they have a little troblem about history or literature, they can slow down the course processing speed or join in a easy one.

Another benefit technology of internate brings to universities is that this courses give the public another chance to receive a higher...