Educational Models Adult Learning Encompass A Broad Spectrum of Experience, Motivation, and Abilities.

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Adult Learning

Adult Learners encompass a broad spectrum of experience, motivation, and abilities. It is an inherit responsibility of the educator to provide the best possible situation to ensure the most rewarding and beneficial educational experience possible. This requires the instructor or teacher to adapt and remain flexible to the student ranging from authoritative traditional instruction to the role of delegator, enabling the process for the student to conduct self-directed learning. Which style is best suited for the student and how does the educator know when to use each style? This is the true art of education and emboldens the ultimate goal of the profession. The following paper will explain the different educational models, what the learner offers to the experience, and when to use different aspects of the models.

Educational Models

Models of education are as simple as the didactic teacher that is commonly used in schools to the engaged partnership model that is recommended for the adult learner (Newman & Peile, 2002).

After choosing which model to utilize, the models can then be analyzed in respect to their styles. For this analysis the adult learning model and its styles will be looked at further.

There are many ways to approach adult learning and adult teaching. The two must be evaluated concurrently and must be utilized as a partnership. This partnership between the learner and the trainer enhances the learning process and can provide additional benefits to both parties involved (Newman & Peile, 2002). However, this partnership is primarily dependent upon which style the educator selects according to the needs of the student. Like traditional students, not all adult learners are alike and have different experience levels and motivation. The fact that both of these variables exist is the only constant and provide the...