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The main picture in the Smirnoff advertisement is of the big bottle in a sad, dark room at one of the upper stairs of an apartment building. Inside the big bottle there are colorful balloons, drinks, and cookies. This advertisement is trying to make the people believe that when they have Smirnoff at home, everything is going to change, and the sad environment of the house is going to change to a cheerful party, and this drink is going to bring happiness for the people. This advertisement appeal to the need for affiliation and attention, because if people buy "Smirnoff", they would not be alone anymore, and their quite, sad home is gong to change to a joyful party.

The "Tanqueray" advertisement, presents a big green bottle, which covers the whole page. The background of the advertisement has been kept quite plain in green color, which is brighter in the middle and gets darker as it goes to the top of the page.

At very top of the page, we can see a sentence in white font, which says, "The perfect frozen asset". Whici means tht this drink is an ideal cold drink and can appeal to the need to achieve and dominate, because as it said at top of the page, this is a perfect frozen asset, so with drinking it, customers can achieve everything and it made them powerful. An effective advertisement, as we can see in Smirnoff, has apropreate color and font, right image for the product that can persuade people to buy this product, and it is also creative.

Colors play an important role in advertisements as they can make certain thing stand out so the reader will read them first, and contrasting colors; fonts and text sizes also highlight specific objects or...