How effective is the ending of "Mister Tom"?

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The ending of "Mister Tom" was very strange and surprising, especially when Zack died. I really didn't think anything as extreme would happen in the story. Everything was going along nicely in the story when under strange circumstances Zack had to go to London. It was very strange that Zack was the one who was chosen by the author to die. I think it was to symbolise how strong Willie's emotions had become.

Mister Tom must have really have loved Willie to risk going to jail when kidnapping [or rescuing] him. Mister Tom thought back to when Rachel was alive. He thought of what she would do which would show that he had overcome the death of his wife and son. Mister Tom had stood up for Willie what ever happened showing that he really loved Willie.

Tom was very understanding when Willie wet the bed, screamed or had nightmares.

Even more understanding when at the time in the book Mister Tom wasn't Willies father. If Willie had not been put with someone as caring as Tom, Willie probably wouldn't be alive.

Carrie had become a very good friend to Willie because before Zack died she told all her worries to him. But now she was Willies best friend. There was a very strange atmosphere in that part of the story because Willie was standing up for himself. When he came to Little Wierwold Willie couldn't stand up for himself let alone anyone else. I think that the author chose Carrie and Willie to become friends because they were both in hard positions. Carrie had gone to an Upper School which can be strenuous. Willie had to adjust to a whole new life which would be very hard.

When they decided to go to the sea it must have been tough on Mister Tom since the last time he had been on holiday was before his wife and son died. It was an experience for Willie and a reminder of old times for Zack. The person who looked after them was called Mrs Clarence and she had a dog called Rumple who was ancient. She said 'are you family' to the party because they were very friendly with each other. I was surprised that the party was amazed that Mrs Clarence had a dining-lounge-kitchen in one room. Willie was especially amazed that she had a room just for a bath and a flushing toilet.

I think that the author has written a good book but as a children's book it is a bit dramatic.