The Effects of America after the Attacks on September 11th

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Schaller, Hank. "Northwest Drops 132 Flights at Metro." The Oakland Press 20 Sept.

2001: A1, A2.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Northwest Airlines went into a financial crisis that forced them to permanently drop 132 flights a day going out of Metro Detroit Airport. American and United airlines have laid off 40,000 people alone. In just over a week, the U.S. aviation has lost 70,000 jobs and billions of dollars. "The parent company of American, the world's largest airline, said it will lay off at least 20,000, or 14 percent, of its 138,350 workers. The cuts by AMR Corp. will affect American TWA and American Eagle."(A1) The total amount of layoffs could amount as high as 100,000, so the Airline Company is asking the government for $24 billion in federal aid so they won't have to shut down completely. 59 arrivals and 59 departures each day were dropped in Minneapolis, and 49 arrivals and departures each day from Memphis were dropped.

"We are flying with half-full planes right now, and there is no way that we can make any money as long as that trend continues. We're not even close to making any money."(A2) Northwest was filling 80.6% of their seats before the tragedy.

Plans to build a $1.2 billion terminal called Edward H. McNamara still stands, and should open on January 20th, 2002. However, Killian says that he is doubtful that they will build the 2 million square foot terminal that would add up to 25 new terminals if the airlines continue to stay in this slump. The only way the airlines can get out of this slump is to convince the public that flying is the safest way to travel. This will decide the long-term health of the airline business. This process will not...