Effects Of The Persian Wars On Sparta And Athens

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Athens was one of the only Greek cities among that had importance. It could not compare with Sparta in power, prestige, or even in art. The only success that belonged to Athens was its Navel. This would all change after the Persian Wars.

Persia was the greatest empire that the ancient world had yet seen. It had grown into a stronger empire through the reigns of Cyrus, Cambyses, and Darius. Just before Darius's death the Ionian cities revolted, causing the beginning of the Persian Wars.

The Athenians praised the gods, mainly Zeus and Athena, for the winnings in the war. Winning gave Athens confidence even though the war caused Athens to be left in ruins. The Athenians went on to produce their amazing civilization. One of the most important results of the wars was that Athens was established as the dominant Greek naval power. This gave Athens the opportunity to create a widespread empire.

Athenians rebuilt the Acropolis and used all the Persians weapons to make a bronze statue in honor of Athena. They also became very successful in literature and art. Because of all the success Athens was having after the wars, Sparta became jealous. Sparta's envoy led to the Peloponnesian War There is not a whole lot to say about the Spartans. After the wars they had difficulties and did not accomplish too much. The Spartans were not doing so well. They had a major decline in their economy and lost most of what they had in the wars. Once Sparta had dominated and now Athens did, and this made the Spartans envious and furious. In their furry they attacked Athens in attempt to regain power. This war is known as the Peloponnesian War. It lasted 27 years and then Athens was eventually defeated in 404...