Effects of Population Density

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When people are crowded into a small place noise can have an affect on a person behavior and attitude. As with town and cities noise can cause many disadvantages. With the growth of the population in the world. Problems exist with noise and territory, privacy, and personal space. A person can have multiply health and psychological issues. The effects that population density has on these areas and look at two strategies that will help with reducing noise pollution in the environment and the workplace.

Concept of Population densityHuman population is rising in the world. They are more concerns over the rise in population growth with the crowding and congested in specific areas of the world. Population density is the number people in a specific area, for example, a town, or country. Density is the number of individuals in area, for example, Individuals who live in urbanized areas has increased but the density has decrease due that the urbanized areas are expanding faster than urban population.

"In 1960, about 96 million people lived in urbanized areas at an average density of 3,800 people per square mile. By 1970, 118 million people lived in urbanized areas, but the density of urban areas had dropped to 3,400" (Center for Research on Population and Security, n.d.). Increased density brings about other problems in the area such as air and noise pollution, crime, and use of natural resources.

Concept of noisePeople depend on the hearing to help communicate with the environment around them. Noise can be seen as a disruption in the communication. Noise as noted as the unwanted sound. Not every noise caused damage and is unwanted sound. Many sounds are heard daily in people's environment, for example, television, household appliance and even some traffic sounds allowspeople to move in the environment. These sounds...