Effects of War

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Answer Key

Question 1 (Worth 5 points)

What was one major result of the Salerno invasion?

Roosevelt won reelection.

Stalin consolidated his power.

Churchill lost popular support.

Mussolini was forced to resign. This is a correct answer

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Question 2 (Worth 5 points)

Which explains why the United States issued an embargo on Japanese trade in 1941?

Japanese aggressors conquered Allied colonies in the Pacific.

This is a correct answer


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8/4/2014 : 3739

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The Japanese government declared war on the United States.

Japanese aggressors attacked U.S. ships in the Pacific.

The Japanese government refused to trade with the United States.

Points earned on this question: 0

Question 3 (Worth 5 points)

Which of the following was a code name associated with the Allied invasion of


Battle of the Bulge

Operation Mincemeat

This is a correct answer

Battle of the Mediterranean

Operation Overlord

Points earned on this question: 5

Question 4 (Worth 5 points)

What was the key challenge faced by the Allies during World War II?

lack of funding for the war

war was fought mainly by the navy

lack of public support for the war

war was fought on multiple fronts

This is a correct answer

Points earned on this question: 5

Question 5 (Worth 5 points)

What did Stalin agree to do in return for...