How efficient is your staffing plan?

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The objective here is to create a staffing plan that would be helpful in maximizing the value of the information that is available. Across industries and borders, more and more companies are realizing their services and products are increasingly commoditized and the path to success is not the widgets, but rather their people. By implementing an efficient staffing plan, your organization just may be one of those that succeed and win the talent war by recruiting and developing the next cadre of leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Developing Your Staffing Plan

Staff planning is a systematic process to ensure that an organization has the right number of people with the right skills to fulfill business needs. You must take into account internal and external changes and must integrate HR planning with the company's business plan. Below are various steps needed to develop a staff-planning program:

Job description. Develop a job description with input from the manager.

Job requirements. Develop a detailed and useful set of job requirements with the manager. Some of the questions to ask are (a) what skills, knowledge, and abilities are required for the job; (b) what are some of the characteristics of the people who succeed or fail in the job; (c) what qualifications are needed for the job; and (d) how does the job relate to others.

Fair employment considerations. To avoid illegal screening of applicants with disabilities, list job duties describing only what the necessary tasks are, not how the tasks are normally performed.

Assessment of current employees' skills. Gather skills information from your employees to help you find qualified internal candidates before recruiting from outside.

Turnover trends. Document turnover trends to help you predict how many people will leave an organization. This information will prepare you for peak recruitment times.

Business trends.