Egg Transport Vehicle Analysis.

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For this project, we had to design and produce a vehicle that would transport an egg across a ramp of varying heights without the egg breaking.

Plastic bag, 1 piece of ¼"x3"x6" plywood, 2 balsa strips, 1 piece of oak tag, 2 large plastic wheels, 2 plastic straws, 2 small plastic wheels, 2 cotton balls, 1 plastic cup, 2 rubber bands, 2 birch dowels, 1 piece of sponge are materials we were given at the start of the activity.

Shock absorbing system, seatbelt, roll cage, balance, craftsmanship, low center of gravity, parallel axles--all are characteristics that a vehicle should have if it is going to transport an egg.

Designing is the first step of the technological method. This is when you sketch what your project is going to look like, and figure out how you are going to put it together. Next, you have production. This is when you put together your project.

Then you test. We tested with hard-boiled eggs, and we had no problems with that. Last of all is the analysis. That is what this report is.

Could the quality of construction have been better? Well, the egg never broke, but the back axle fell off on the 6-inch ramp after landing on it. On the 12-inch ramp, the vehicle almost did not make it over. We had to replace the tape on the top part so that the egg would not fall out. It made it over on the third try, and before that it was flipping over and hitting the sides of the ramp. The front axle fell off on the 18-inch ramp as a result of landing on it. The performance of our vehicle on the last ramp was great. It went over on the first try, landed on the front wheels, and...