ELDERLY Can you imagine being alone in a home for

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ELDERLY Can you imagine being alone in a home for elderly? Old people need more interest and help than children need. Old people spend most of their time thinking about death, which seems closer to them than anyone else and they worry about it. They want to be happy and want to be with their relatives in their last days. Therefore, they need the interest of their relatives. Although it is easier for the relative?s of an old person to put him in to a home for elderly, the relatives should either live near them or with them to give better care and happiness to them.

First and foremost, it is easier to leave an old person in an elderly house, especially for daily care. Old people are like babies and they always need care. Many things affect the possibility of living at home while getting old, including health, functional abilities and the amount, availability and quality of home care services.

Care in houses for elderly has also been approached from these viewpoints. (http://ehostvgw10.epnet.com/ehost.asp?key= For instance, my eight two years old grandmother lived 8 years with us and I had to bring her pills in every one hour. She was not able to walk without our help, for that reason we were not able to get out of the house as a family. Always one of us had to stay with her and take care of her and according to the San Francisco VA Medical Center, people who don?t put their elderly relatives into a home for elderly leave their jobs. (media.ucsf.edu/.../F883E735901CEA6588256B09006F715E/ $FILE/KB.Covinsky. Caregivers.pdf -) My grandmother could neither go to toilet, nor wash or clean herself. She couldn?t even walk or talk properly most of the time. Her mind was getting lost that she sometimes didn?t remember us.