Eleanor of Aquitaine

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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine was born around the year 1122. Eleanor's grandfather was the powerful duke of Aquitaine. When Eleanor was five years old, her grandfather died. This made her father Duke William X. Only a few years later, Eleanor's mother and older brother died. This made her the heir to Aquitaine. (Internet #1)

As she grew up, Eleanor received a good education. Her father was a major fan of troubadours, for his father had been the first known troubadour in history. William X taught Eleanor to love aristocratic music. She also would travel through Aquitaine with her father. Eleanor was very close to her father. When she was only fifteen, Eleanor's father died while making a religious pilgrimage. (Internet #2) After her father died, Eleanor married Louis VII. Only a few days after the wedding, Eleanor's father-in-law died and her husband became the king of France. Eleanor, being very intelligent, took on the role of being queen with a lot of enthusiasm.

Her husband would ask her to help him with matters of state. Eleanor would also frequently visit Aquitaine.

In 1145 Eleanor and Louis VII had their first daughter named Marie. Even though Eleanor had this child, she did not want to just sit around at home. When the crusades were announced, Eleanor was greatly encouraged. She had been getting sick of her husband's religious lifestyle. Eleanor gathered up her own army from Aquitaine and set off with Louis VII on the Crusade. (Internet #3) When they reached Antioch, they met with Eleanor's uncle, Raymond of Poitiers. Raymond asked Louis VII for assistance in defending Antioch. When Louis VII refused, Eleanor declared that she wanted a divorce. In 1152, Louis VII granted Eleanor the divorce she wanted after they had another daughter named Alix. (Lippincott 53)...