Elevators should have restrooms and some advantages and disadvantages to have it.

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Elevators should have restrooms.

Isn't it a funny idea to have a bathroom in an elevator because you are not going to be long in, however if we take the idea to go for it, there are some advantages and some disadvantages.

Some good points for having a bathroom in an elevator are as follow: You may ease your self on the move if you feel hard up, You will save time, You can give a final check to your dress before presenting your self, Can give final touch to your makeup showing in to your boss office, Good for on a move hooker, It will be kind a cool thing.

Some bad advantages to have bathroom in an elevator are as follow: bad odor, space consuming, cost effectiveness, more water /electrical, energy required, Less time available for ease up or any quickie, you may high-pass your destination (floor). You may spoil your in hurry, you may come out with badly shaped, that is with open button or bra or knickers, your short affair may end up in embarrassment, there will be less space anyhow you will not be able to make.

There is a lot of public restroom in every floor, and in case it is a private building (such as a housing complex), then people do not need any restroom because the person living there or any visitor can just use the restroom once they enter the apartment they are looking for

People do not spend much time in elevator. Two-three minutes maximum. It is totally unjustifiable to put a restroom in the elevator where people spend only two to three minutes.

The cost of putting a restroom in the elevator will outweigh the benefits because of the above reasons! Few people will ever need to use it,