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Elizabeth Blackwell spent a large part of her life struggling to reach her goal. She mainly told others about how she wanted to become a doctor by applying to many different medical colleges and showing how serious she was. Many people took her as a joke and thought she was a fool looking to seek attention. She was finally accepted to Geneva Medical College as a joke and they said they 'accidentally' accepted her. She showed the world that women are just as suitable doctors as men and it took her quite a long time to do so, that she died before it was regular for women to be doctors.

She told others her ideas by writing speeches and made many lectures on health and its importance as she studied bacteriology and pathology at the hospital, which is when she learned it was crucial in order to be healthy. Elizabeth Blackwell also strongly believed in women's rights.

She gave many speeches on them as well. One of her very famous lines when she was speaking about women's rights is: " I do not wish to give [women] a first place, still less a second one but the most complete freedom to take their true place whatever it may be..."

After she graduated from Medical school Elizabeth Blackwell Opened up a college and hospital/training facility for women who wanted to become doctors or be in the study of medicine.

Elizabeth Blackwell inspired many people through her ideas.