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Stem cell research is a new technique of growing organs or segments of spinal cords from an embryo that could possibly save lives. This essay will evaluate the method of stem cell research. Stem cells are extracted from unwanted embryos from infertile couples who are trying to conceive. Once the couples have had the treatment there are usually many embryo's left even if they have many treatments. These are store in liquid nitrogen, but are usually destroyed due to equipment malfunction. To start the process of extracting a stem cell, they leave an embryo to grow until it has 140 cells. This is called a blastocyst. At this time the blastocyst does not contain a brain or nervous system but when they extract a stem cell, the embryo dies. Stem cells that are taken from the embryo are harvested to grow new; lungs, hearts, spinal cords etc.

This new technology is very a very controversial as there are very good things that are done with this research, but also very bad things.

To answer correctly you have to answer these questions;

A. Is an embryo at such an early stage considered a human life...?

B. If so is allowing the otherwise unused embryo allowed to die a form of abortion?

C. If it is not seen as a form of abortion, and the embryo is not considered a form human life than why such objections for embryonic stem cell research?

To answer this you need to know the benefits and drawbacks of stem cell research. The main benefit of stem cell research is that it could save peoples lives by a stem cell growing a new lung for a person with lung cancer, or a new heart for someone with a heart condition could have a new one transplanted into...