Emerging Technology at the Workplace

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AbstractThis paper will briefly discuss two emerging technologies that will redefine the business processes within The City of San Antonio. A resolution supporting the establishment of a Green Building Policy for new City-owned facilities was passed on June 29, 2006. This policy commits future City commercial-type buildings will be designed and constructed to the highest stanard that is technically and economically feasible. This policy was first of its kind and focused on the whole "Green Movement." Under the leadership of City Manager Sheryl Scully, all new facilities that dawn the city logo will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified. Pre-existing buildings will be retro fitted with similar technologies. Green Building is the common name for high performance buildings. These buildings are designed and constructed in a manner that maximizes the use and life of the building, while high performance buildings are built to conserve electricity, water and other natural resources'.

(Green Building Facts) In doing so, the lifecycle of operational costs of the building are reduced.

Resolution Supporting a Green Building Policy for New City-owned FacilitiesThe Green Building Resolution was unanimously approved by the City of San Antonio on June 29, 2006 whereby all new City-Owned Facilities are to attain LEED Silver Certification. LEED is a voluntary standards and certification program that defines high-performance building. LEED promotes the use of proven strategies, guiding and measuring achievement in all areas of building impact such as site development, energy efficiency, water conservation, materials and resources. LEED also provides a roadmap for sustainable design and ensures building performance through third party verification. (Green Building Facts) The policy also allows the City to customize the guidelines by utilizing input and recommendation from the Metropolitan Partnership for Energy. The rating system addresses six major areas but I will be focusing on...