Emigration from Sweden to North America

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Josefine Sjöberg

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Emigration from Sweden to North America

Across the Atlantic towards a better world

At the end of the 1800 century up until the early 1920s there was a mass emigration from Sweden to North America. Approximately 1.3 million Swedes sailed over the Atlantic to start a new life in the land of dreams. In this essay I will tell you about this event in history. I will tell you about the time and the people, the time leading up to it and divulge why so many men and women decided to leave the land they called home.

The swedish mass emigration took of during the spring of 1841 when Gustaf Unonius with his wife, maid and a couple of students left the country and founded a small residence called 'New Upsala' at Pine Lake in Wisconsin.

The group later moved to Chicago and wrote ample and vivid descriptions of this beautiful country which was later published in Aftonbladet. This tempted more and more Swedes to move their families and start a new life in a picture perfect country. Of course this was not the main reason why so many Swedes chose to leave.

Ever since the middle of the 1500 century Sweden has been in many back to back wars but during the 1700 century it started to become more peaceful. Sweden did undergo a couple of wars in the beginning of the 1800 century but things where looking up for the country. In the middle of the 1800 century the industrial revolution came to Sweden. Production went from manual labour to machines and the mass production of gods took of. With the production now taking place in factories in the cities many people lost their...