Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

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Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

When it comes to employee privacy and their rights in the workplace, some employers are not concerned about those situations. Employers are not even concerned about the laws that back employees on these violations. Privacy and invasion mean practically the same thing. It means to violate someone by looking into their life without permission given to the violator.

At times the rights and privacy of employees will not always be directly followed. Employers will always make employees do things that will go against employee privacy and their rights. It is unlikely that employees will know the extent that employers can go without violating employee privacy and rights. According to Bennett and Locke (1998), "Most employees presume that not all of their personal autonomy is shed at the doors to the workplace. Nevertheless, courts have been circumspect in recognizing a general right of privacy in the context of the workplace."

According to Britannica Online (2005), "...in United States law, an amalgam of principles embodied in the federal Constitution or recognized by courts or law making bodies concerning what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis described in 1890 as "the right to be left alone." The right to privacy is a legal concept in both the law of torts and U.S. Constitutional law."

Employers started violating workers privacy and their rights my monitoring them. Now that we live in a technological century, employers can monitor their employees every move while at work. On the telephones, on the computer, and even when using the internet, employers can see exactly what employees are doing. Nothing can actually be done about the monitoring. According to Bennett and Locke (1998), "...fundamentally the employer no the employee, generally owns the workplace and the accouterments (e.g., desks, telephone answering machines, and computers) that...