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Employee Relations PaperMany organizations today are concerned with establishing positive and effective labor relations. Maintaining positive labor relations will ensure employees will produce a quality product, resulting in increased revenue for the organization. Therefore, managers whom foster positive labor relations are well informed and interested in the issues which will benefit both the employee and the organization. This paper will analyze the practices and policies of two different organizations employment policies. The main areas of focus will be views of employment classification; regular and contract or temporary, exempt and non-exempt status, and the interpretation of employment at will and the possible exceptions to the doctrine.

Regular employees v Temporaries or Independent employeesUnderstanding the difference between regular employees, temporary employees, and independent contractors is vital information to the employer and employee. And knowing how employment law applies differently to the each of them will have impact on each various situation. An organization has to handle certain situation differently with a temporary employee, employee and an independent contractor based on the laws the organization is govern by.

A regular employee is an individual who is employed full time or part-time by an organization, he or she is required by law to work more than 20hours per week. The employer of an employee deducts taxes from the employee's payroll and is responsible for paying both state and federal income taxes on behalf of the employee; in addition a regular employee is provided health benefits. An employee is required to follow the employer handbook and a regular employee is required to follow a schedule that he or she employer has set. The employer determines what functionalities of the assignment tasks the employee will work, and the guidelines of assignments will be performed.

Temporary employees are somewhat similar to the regular employee; they are individuals...