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PILOT TRAINING SCHEME We are delighted to note your interest in a career with British Airways and are pleased to provide some factual information on both the Company and the Cadet Pilot Training Scheme which we hope you will find of value and help you to make the right decision.

THE COMPANY Acknowledged as one of the most successful commercial airlines in operation, British Airways is proud of the high standard of customer service it provides which, coupled with the excellent safety record of the Company and its innovative business style, ensures it maintains its position as a leader in world travel. Serving over 175 destinations in 83 countries, its fleet of modern jet aircraft, symbolised by its supersonic flagship, Concorde, and including both the Boeing 777 and 747-400, carries an average of 35 million passengers a year to almost every part of the globe. To deliver this service effectively the airline relies on the dedication and professionalism of its 55,000 staff and it is therefore vital that the right people are recruited and that the training provided is the very best in the industry.

This is especially important where flight crew are concerned and British Airways has made a substantial investment in the pilot of tomorrow with the introduction of its Cadet Pilot Training Scheme.

THE JOB Flying a modern jet aircraft is both physically and mentally demanding, but there is a lot more to the role of a commercial pilot than technical proficiency and as a company we are looking for a very special kind of candidate.

Age/Residency Q Aged between 18 and 26 at the time of application (you may be 27 when you actually start training) Q Eligible for an unrestricted worldwide passport Q Right to live and work without restriction in the UK Academic Ability...