Ender's Shadow information about many things such as the expectations, rules, rewards, and consequences of the novel.

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1. The first standard or expectations set by society were the families. The crews were a group of children that found food to eat. They also had "Papas". They gave food to Bean so he wouldn't die of starvation. The second standard of behavior, were the International Fleet. They trained Bean to be the next generation of the commanders of the fleets. The third standard of behavior was schooling. Bean went to many different schools to train for battle of the Buggers.

2. The rules of the family were to share the food that they found. There were also food shelters to help with distributing food. The International Fleet rules were to find intelligent children to train for battle. The children needed to play the computer fantasy game so the International Fleet could read their minds. The children also needed to listen to their commanders. The rule for the school training was to listen to their commanders and to simulate battles.

3. The reward for the families is that they would get food to eat. The Papas would also back up the group. The reward of the International Fleet is that they would find soldiers to help them attack the buggers. This will give the International Fleet strength. The reward of schooling the children is that they would become a smart soldier and learn how to fight. This helps all of society.

4. The consequence of not finding food for every one is starvation. With starvation, many people would die or be too weak to fight. The consequence of not following the International Fleet rules would be a weak army. The army would not be able to win the battle with the Buggers. If the children did not follow the rules at Battle School no one would learn anything.