Ender's Shadow by Orison Scott Card, a parallel novel to Ender's Game.

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Ender's Shadow, is a parallel novel to Ender's Game, by Orison Scott Card. Orison Scott Card was born in 1951 in Richland, Washington. He has won the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer of 1977, won the Hugo for Ender's Game, along with many other awards. Besides being a writer, he had other careers, including being a Mormon missionary in Brazil, computer game consultant, local Democratic precinct judge, and Utah state convention delegate. He has written many plays, and many books, not all of them sci-fi.

The weak and puny sometimes come out on top seems to be Card's message in Ender's Shadow. Bean is a four year old street kid that is skinny, small, and near starvation. Bean isn't his real name; he doesn't even know his real name. The other street kids call him Bean because he's tiny. He saves himself from the street and ends up a key military commander of future Earth.

Its possible to be successful even if u are starting out in the worst possible situation.

Ender's Shadow is a parallel novel to Ender's Game. This means it occurs at the same time, with the same people, just from another point of view. In Ender's Game, its Ender that is the hero and Bean is a minor character; as where in Ender's Shadow, Bean is the main character, and Ender is just a secondary character. It shows the same set of facts, but gives a different interpretation as to why things happen the way they do. Both books are consistent with each other, and both books fit together correctly. The story reveals how because of Bean's ability to analyze situations strategically he becomes a strategic part of the war against the aliens threatening Earth. Bean is the only one...