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Josh Dudley

Professor Colin Lee

English 101 Sec 19

2 September 2014

College Advice

College is a whole different type of ballgame compared to high school. Most freshman expect certain things while others don't have a clue at all. They feel they will be overwhelmed with all of the work. Some feel as though it will be all fun and games, but little do they know the stress that college will put on them with all the work that has to be completed. The short essays that were given to read, provided some valuable advice and information. It gives an inside look to college as a freshman, what to do, what not to do and things of that nature.

An interesting essay published was "Play Politics" by Garry Wills. It informed you to do 5 simple things that would help you succeed in college. It had very good information and stated great facts.

Garry Wills, who is the author of this short essay is a prolific Pulitzer Prize winning author. He has write almost 40 books and works at Northwestern University as an Emeritus Professor. His essay, "Play Politics" was published September 5, 2009, in the New York Times newspaper.

Basically, his essay provides you with some keys to help you start college off on the right track. Play to your strengths and best abilities. Choose subjects and topics that you have interest in and have a pretty good understanding of. Don't venture into things you have no idea about. Become a good writer, ask friends to look over your papers and read them to you to see how it sounds. Being a good writer is instrumental for success in college. Develop a passion to read. Reading will help you become a better writer.

Meet friends that are...