[ENGLISH]Science Fiction Sotry Part 10-Finale

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Soon we were all ready with our supplies and bags. Jason was now free from his bed, even though he walked around like he was wounded. I was still wary around him, remembering his weird times.

"I can't believe you punched me and tied me to my bed" he joked, punching me into my shoulder.

"Sorry mate! But you deserved it!" I joked back lightly.

I watched silently as Derek pushed Charlie out of her shelter. She noticed me gazing at her. I turned, my face blushing. I caught her smiling out of the corner of my eye.

When she noticed Jason smiling back to her, her face hardened and she turned away.

"Man! Why she so angry at me?" asked Jason ruefully.

"I dunno" I answered absently watching the sky for any signs of the spaceship.

Soon I was tired of glancing up to the sky. I think my neck gonna be screwed by the time we actually get in the ship, I joked to myself, resting against my pack.

Suddenly there was a shout.

"The space ship is coming!"

We could see it quite clearly, getting ready to land 200 meters away.

"Yeehaaaa!" yelled Matthew, Smith and Smart as they raced across the sand. Everyone ran after them, well except for me who was pushing Charlie's chair.

It was so hard, pushing her. After straining my muscles for a couple of minutes, I had enough. I picked her out of her chair and raced across the sand with her in my arms, despite her screams to be put down.

We reached the ship in a bedraggled state.

We were met by an officer, who saluted us and led us into the ship. I took Charlie to the end of the ship, to the medical bay. I...